Compensation Fee - Egg Donors

The gift of your eggs is invaluable to the indented parents, fulfill a family’s dream while fulfilling yours at the same time. Earn enough money as an Egg Donor to help make your own dreams more of a reality.


Compensation Structure

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has a guideline that allows women to donate up to six times in their lifetime. This means that you are able to help many families with a potential to earn $70,000+ for yourself.

Compensation Fee & Payment Timeline

  • Typically, the first time Egg Donors are compensated between $7,500- $15,000 for their first egg retrieval. Experienced (aka repeat) Egg Donors can make anywhere from $12,000+, with an increase after each completed cycle .
  • Egg Donors with certain qualities can receive a higher compensation fee on their first Egg Donation because they are classified as ” unique donors”. These qualities can be ethnicities, higher education or exceptional talents. Ask one of our Egg Donor Coordinators to help you identify the right compensation for you.
  • The compensation fee is paid into two parts. The first payment would be paid when you start injectable medication. The balance of the Egg Donor Compensation fee will be paid once the egg retrieval takes place.

Other Benefits

In addition to the Egg Donor’s Compensation Fee, there are many other benefits and expenses that are included and paid by Intended Parents. Here are some of them:
• Medical and Psychological Expenses

• Donor Insurance

• Per Diem
• Legal Clearance Bonus

• Travel Expenses

• Travel Companion Expenses